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Welcome to our back office for our Excel Realty and Heroes housing program.

Here you will complete the onboarding training and Real Estate coaching all in one place. 

Our goal is to provide you the tools to be Excellent in Real Estate! Click below to choose your best option!

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Excel Realty is a Virtual Real Estate with an emphasis on training and providing our team with TOP OF LINE systems and programs so all our Teams can be EXCELLENT in Real Estate. At Excel you will have access to multi-level training curriculum, which is also available from any mobile device, you will receive core foundational training designed for you from the ground up.  Our training improves your Real Estate business in every aspect! You will learn to market properties in unique and pioneering ways that are designed for both social media and the traditional formats. 

We also have Teams available to join or start your own! One of the most successful methods of increasing your profitability is through team building.  Join Excel to see how our guidance, training and systems can help you build your team allowing you to multiply your income or increase your lead generation. 

Excel also offers personalized marketing materials from our own Excel Marketing Store.  As an Excel Real Estate Agent, you will have access to our store and the availability to promote yourself or your team personally branded to you.  Your will impress both sellers and buyers with your custom. Client centered, property specific flyers, brochures and cards! Excel will save you thousands of dollars on designer fees and marketing materials.

As an Excel Real Estate Agent, you have access to on-demand training and top of the line systems, such as KV Core and Dotloop.  You will also have access to your BROKER and TEAM LEADS, one of the main complements our agents give us is that we are ACCESSIBLE and a FAMILY.  We have daily Q & A calls, training sessions weekly, and team leads and experienced mentors to help each other out with different viewpoints and scenarios.  We are a family here at Excel and only EXCEL when you EXCEL!

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Excel Realty of Florida is the home of Heros Housing! Many of our realtors choose to give back to our Hometown Heroes!

Heroes Housing

Heroes Housing provides discounts and financial support, and can save thousands when selling or purchasing a home.  Our realtors and their local partners can work with our hometown heroes — teachers, firefighters, military/veterans, police and first responders to save significant money!

Click here if you are a Realtor or Lender looking to add this service to your business and grow your business while helping Heroes Save money.

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Scarlett Roger

Over 30 Years in the Real Estate industry and 17 years experience coaching, Scarlett Roger and her Husband created Heroes Housing and later opened Excel Realty of Florida.

Excel Realty of Florida

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